On the occasion of 132nd anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria - March 3 a traditional meeting of the Governing Board of the Bulgarian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRCCI) and members of the Chamber was held.

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PROMINVEST” company was established in year 1991, with a head office in the town of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

The company objects cover various sectors in the macrostructure of Bulgarian industry.

The company started its development as a trader in the field of food, light and textile industries, chemicals, building materials, farming machinery. During its opening stage it performed activities in the sphere of transport services, tourism, marketing, engineering activities, related to supply of new technologies, machinery and equipment. The advertising and information section has a substantial share in the company structure. The foreign trade activities have contributed to the great success and respect commanded by the company. It has focused its attention and resources on the industry demanding the import of raw materials from the former USSR republics. Within short terms PROMINVEST has taken a substantial share of the trade between Bulgaria and the Commonwealth of Independent States. This tended to the excellent financial performance of the company and on the basis of this performance PROMINVEST made new investments in another branch – Tobacco Industry.
In year 1992 the company laid the foundation of its major activity in the field of the national tobacco industry – tobacco-growing, industrial processing, sales with export to the former USSR states, as well as to East and West European countries.

The period 1994-1997 is the key period in the development of PROMINVEST, when two factories were established (followed by a third one later on) for tobacco growing, packing, processing and fermentation. The company purchased 40 Maxitherm drying chambers manufactured in the USA. Due to the high technologies introduces and the modern factory equipment used it is possible to produce high quality tobacco comparable to the products of the world leading companies with a small number of staff. Aiming at further improvement of quality and in order to meet the needs of production process the company acquired a machine-and-tractor station with a capacity sufficient for the production scope of the company. There are many tractors, harvesters and other farming machinery in the station, operated by experienced professionals. The machinery is used for land cultivation and tobacco growing from the beginning of production process up to the stage of transportation of the green mass to the workshops for raw material processing. The available manufacturing base lets us produce finished products passing through the stages of production of seedlings, planting, mechanized tilling of areas, plant protection, transportation, processing, storing and selling. The company purchased and reconstructed the Stock-breeding Mechanization Station in order to support the stock-breeders and agrarian producers. In year 2002 it built a modern warehouse to store the ready products.

The high quality Virginia and Burley tobacco, as well as the world famous Bulgarian sort of Oriental tobacco are grown in Bulgaria. Prominvest is currently producing a great part of the tobacco produce in the country and tends to increase its production capacity. The major product sold by the company is packed and fermented Bulgarian Oriental, Virginia and Burley tobacco – showing competitive power in the international market. Apart from the variety of high grade tobacco, PROMINVEST offers its customers professional advices for the most adequate solutions in regard to the choice of suitable (material) tobacco.

As a result of its achievements in the field of trade, management, marketing, etc. Prominvest is highly estimated and has many times been awarded in various categories by various associations for:

In year 2001 in Frankfurt, Germany in the course of the 27th International Convention PROMINVEST was rewarded by the International Selection Committee of Business Initiative Directions in the Golden Category for Quality and Technology for overall achievements with the “Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology” Award.

The company became the “Golden EMRC Award 2001” laureate in Brussels for the achieved high technical and economic results in manufacturing, management and marketing.

In year 2002 in London “Business Initiative Directions BID” bestowed the international prize of Quality Crown Award – London 2002 on our company in the platinum category for annual market leadership.
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